Is there a justice reserve for women? I begin with a fair question. However, I have submitted several inquiries. I presented to the 113th Congress during a personal struggle but a proud time as a professional nurse. I showed up quoting Maslow.

I can't help but think of the conflict associated with the information. From a business perspective, a marketing instructor informed me people seldom make it to the tier of self-actualization. From a nursing perspective, the goal is to achieve the highest standard.

In my personal attempt to do so, I was reduced to barely surviving. So again, I inquire; does justice exist for mothers? The journey started on March 26th, 2012. It was a busy year for the United States Supreme Court. In my personal life, my mother and I invested so much felt as it was drifting away.

As a new nurse, I treated infections using antibiotic therapy hanging in glass bottles, a thing of the past. I am a baby boomer. That said, I've seen some changes over the years. The white nursing uniforms that once distinguished professional nurses are fading, and as it dissipates from view, in many cases, so do the respect.

And after almost twenty years of settling for doing the best I could, a new journey started after years of learning the importance of being a politically active nurse, I’m thrusted to act. A verdict that left me in a victim position of barely food and water. And after taking a vow to care, I wonder at times if wellness for me is a myth. Again, I inquire, is there such a thing, justice?

Nursing almost a definition that you must draft for yourself as you maneuver through a career of many unknowns. I stood solemnly before God to be used as the hands, ears, and mouthpiece to a world in need of care. For the first time in my career, I had opinion after opinion as a nurse.

Monumental is to have made it to the most prominent session with women for women's history month. Proudly I attempted to get on the courts' docket and congress agenda with socially-economic views. They met me as a passionate woman of faith, lending her voice for the cause of health.

A woman raised to be confident, expected to illustrate discipline and intelligence, and to not anticipate defeat because you've been positioned for a challenge. It was after surviving the legal process that formed my final question. How do I exhume my mother's remains, pack her up, and relocate from the home we presented voluminous proof of support as prescribed by law.

Call to Action:

I am requesting legislation that makes it a crime for a spouse to become infected while married related to failure to disclose sexual orientation.

  • History proves the prevalence of extramarital affairs that include the birth of children. It is only reasonable to conclude there is an opportunity to transmit sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.

It is critical to address a more common occurrence: male spouses failing to disclose their sexual orientation and who are actively involved with males sexually.

  • This is an aggregate posing risk and is contributing to the already escalated healthcare cost.

Furthermore, it is critical to offer women legal protection and recourse, as studies indicate women are more susceptible to the virus than men. These issues are monumental to address for preserving health.

The journey brings to light a concern for women's health due to failure to disclose and not having laws to protect unsuspecting women. Crawling, I wrote a book: JOY.

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