• D. Michele Jackson


I query the woman who is most honest with me. Offering rationalization regarding the strides made by women for what history has well documented as a ferocious battle for women rights; only to have witnessed "tip of ice berg" accomplishments. Women have been struggling one-year short of one-hundred years of a major turn in women's history. Yet, we read often and I, myself, have written many times that we've made progress. Women's suffrage and the fight against it set the stage for liberty in its purest form. Women who paved the way, left legacies of a blueprint to liberation. I find myself challenged to justify comments of progression in a social climate with agendas that fail women during an era of history that offers so many opportunities. Many questions I present as women struggle to secure victories that are only "notions" after one-hundred and seventy years of sacrifice. I am by no means suggesting that women remain without freedoms. I am proposing that our freedoms have diverted our efforts. Outraged on many issues should be our stance, and somehow, we turn a blind eye amid women hardships as we live lives afforded as a result of the struggle. Easy to do is finger pointing, slandering, and making accusations. Those actions prohibit mobility. So how do we combat social abnormalities in a climate on the border of “we can do better”? Leaders, have we many. Our hope lies in persons with a distant memory of the struggle, and we forfeit change in arguments. A collective movement is the answer. One that focuses on the well-being of all women. That woman is me. ​

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