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Welcome to the blog that focuses on the Nineteenth Amendment.


I am a woman who is proud of her heritage. For this blog, I am focusing on my gender. 

I am from the lineage of strong women. My great grandmother, Queen Victoria, is where my strength evolved. Queen Victoria picked cotton, and here I present as a woman with much to offer to the fabric of our country because of ancestry sacrifices. 

I write to carry on a legacy of women who dared not to be afraid. My grandmother, who relocated from Georgia for a better life. My mother, who sacrificed so that I may enjoy the benefits of an education. 

The one thing we all have in common is that we are unknown. Because of women before me, I recognized an opportunity to create change.

I'm talking matters of the heart. My goal is to readdress the 19th Amendment.

Politically Active Nurse

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Amazing Grace ExcerptD. Michele Jackson
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